Sunday 12 June 2011

Annoying (but successful) run

Parkrun was -wet- yesterday morning.  Squishy, muddy and with big puddles.  A great test for a gyppy knee with uneven ground, wet gravel, wet tree roots and big puddles to wriggle 'round and leap over.

To cut the story short, my knee was completely fine.  I had to stop once on each lap to do up a lace that had come undone (annoyingly, my trainers designated for muddy running are the only ones without elastic laces), which cost me around 25s overall.  And I put in a time of 25:40, which if you take off the 25s for titting about with shoes and take into consideration the leaping and swerving, is a non-shabby time for me as my current PB for that course is 25:08.

I was good and iced my knee after the run - the nerve is quite inflamed and hot and still needs attention.  And there was no data point of having cycled before running, but it's a promising start to have been able to run 5km with no problems at all, less than a week after not being able to even hobble very well on that knee.


  1. Good stuff! Glad it went well. Here's hoping that it's settling down!

  2. Great news on the knee. At least you know it can hold up to a decent amount of stress, even if it is going to require some physio treatment as a result!

  3. Thanks ladies.

    So, yes. It's almost certain it's related to going hard on the bike first and winding up my IT band really tightly before running (in Triathlon land) so I need to work on that not happening in a cumulative way.