Wednesday 29 June 2011

Two race weekend

Work has been crazy.  I've over-indulged and not done much (any) training.

We had an open water swim session on Sunday, set up by the Virgin Active London Triathlon organisation, but run by NOWCA (a really great organisation who have noticed that open water swimming is really taking off but there are problems around it in terms of finding safe places to swim and safe ways to organise swims and are looking to regulate things - founded by Martin Allen and the infamous Rick Kiddle (truly lovely guy, great coach, great athlete)).  The idea with the Virgin sponsorship of the triathlon is to expand the sport even more, bring it to more first timers and these open water swim training sessions are designed to help people get to grips with the differences and techniques associated and gain confidence in open water.

I don't pretend to be an expert at open water swimming, but I do (so far) seem to be not totally shite at it and I've had no problems with confidence or the rather physical nature of the mass starts you often hear about.  So I was there mostly to pick up any tips and keep Mr TOTKat company.  I enjoyed myself, got a little bit competitive and the group we were in weren't shrinking violets (though all rather British about physical contact in the water - heh, they'll learn soon enough :o)) which added to my enjoyment.  The end of the session was a bit of fun as we all raced to the bank to get out and strip off our wetsuits first, as was the challenge, to find when we decided to stand in the water to wade the last few feet, we were all more than waist deep in a soup of thick silt and mud and needed to get a lot closer to the bank before really trying to stand up and wade out.  Mmmm, sludgey!

Then on Sunday I had a hard session with Geoff the Awesome, who gave me a nicely confidence boosting workout of more old-school weight training where I still failed to really get the snatch technique even remotely right, but came away feeling worked really hard which I've really missed.  After that, we had roast chicken and drank waaaaay more than is a good idea for a Sunday night.

Monday, no exercise - planned no gym as I'd gymmed the day before, but I was supposed to cycle to work and decided it was a bad idea in the morning given the amount I'd had the night before.  Tuesday, no exercise - we were out for dinner, so I wasn't going to cycle in and leave my bike at work - I hate doing that.  And we went for dinner.  And drank waaaay too much again.  Today, no exercise.  I had no gym kit with me but thought I might get a swim in today; work denied me that due to being insanely busy.

So.  I have a race on Saturday - Shock Absorber Women's Triathlon - and one on Sunday - Clapham Common 10K.  And I really can't go to the gym on Friday as that would be foolish the day before a race.   The plan is to cycle and gym tomorrow and rest on Friday before the races.  Sub-optimal, but I don't want a whole 7 days with no resistance training at all.

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