Friday 1 July 2011


So I'd been sort of doing my physio instructed exercises for my knee but there was still a niggling wrongness going on and I'd not had a follow-up appointment so I arranged an appointment this evening in advance of the weekend's races, in case a quick bit of acupuncture might be in order to help get through them.

Bloody good thing I did.

The nerve inflammation is lesser and the stiffness is gone compared with 2.5 weeks ago, but what it has shown up is a potentially serious problem.  My left fibula is either broken or dislocated.  Or, more likely from what we saw this evening, both.  The physio had a good old poke and yank and got a second and third opinion from two others (one of whom had the decency to say "wow, that's really not right!") and then some ultrasound shows up what rather looks like a break where the outer edge of the bone has splintered in a fanned-out pattern in addition to the head of the fibula being way too far back compared with where it should be.  This would explain absolutely everything with all of the symptoms (and some others I'd not mentioned because I didn't really think to).  The kind of break it looks like would be as a result of a hard impact.  *cough*  Like a bicycle accident.  *ahem*

So.  I'm waiting to hear back from the physio as to what his sports doctor thinks and whether I can get a scan ASAP to work out -exactly- what's going on.  Best case, it's "just" dislocated and needs relocation either in the clinic or in hospital (more likely given the kind of dislocation involved).  Worst case it's broken and partly healed and dislocated and a nightmare to fix.   There was talk of months of pinning and fiddling about after unpinning etc.

All I can do is wait to hear back.  And my default position right now is no racing this weekend until I hear that I definitely can.  *twiddles thumbs and waits for the phone to ring*  To be honest, I'm feeling fine about it all and I'm glad this is happening now rather than this time next year.


  1. Holy smokes didn't see that coming. VERY pleased that a process is in action though.

  2. Youch. Good luck Kate. All the cool kids break bones in bike accidents, you're just supposed to find out quicker than this.

  3. Oh that is not good news. As you say, part of the problem is that the break is in the fibula. If it had been in the tibia, you wouldn' t have been able to walk at the time.

    The good news is that the physio found the break. My crooked elbow is the result of an childhood accident in which the bone was chipped. X-rays didn't find the break until it had healed and my professional tennis career never even got started ;0

    It will be hard waiting for news and harder still waiting for scans and treatment. Ring me if you need anything.

  4. Bloody hell! I hope they'll at least have some good news for you

  5. Ughh that's frustrating :-( I hope you have good news when u get your scan

  6. Oh my goodness. Well, best they found it now and all that. Hope they can fix you quick (and you'll recover well and fast from whatever they need to do, I have no doubt - being fit makes a lot of difference to that).

    Keep us posted! Hope it's the best possible outcome from your scan.

  7. jeeeezus.

    hope it's easily sorted..... I truly do xx

  8. Oh heck, really good that you went back for that follow up eh. Crikey though, no wonder you were in pain. I hope it's not too much of a hassle to fix...