Tuesday 12 July 2011


The good: After a good few calls, I think I may finally have got my MRI results and notes sent to the physio.

The bad: I have discovered a new symptom and I don't like it.  The knee, under load, now has an abnormal feeling movement when squatting (*clonk*).  Where load may be simply body-weight.  It feels Wrong.

I really don't like it.  And I'm not sure what to do with it.  I'm hoping that I get an appointment with my physio again soon with the MRI results notes through from the hospital and I can discuss it with him so I'll call the physio at lunch time tomorrow to see if the notes have arrived yet.


  1. Fingers crossed Kat - was it an acute injury or long term progression?

    From personal experience I know that something just 'not feeling right' can be more worrying than a sudden sharp, tangible pain.

  2. Potentially both... something long and grinding, but clouded by when I got battered a bit in my bike accident. Hopefully the physio will have something more to go on with the MRI results next week. He's the only one who seems to get that there's summat iffy with the joint.