Saturday 9 July 2011


I was at work and in the middle of something when the surgeon phoned with my MRI results.  I caught something about "he (the sports physician who did the MRI) made a very bold statement and said it's definitely not the IT band" and "knee tracking" and "pinching the fat pad".  I asked if I need to lay off exercise and training and he said some stuff about being OK to do things that don't hurt.  It was all a bit too much of a context switch from what I was doing at work at the time to follow in any detail.  The important bits that I did take in were that I need a set of sessions with the physio, 6 to 8 of those, and that it's OK to do stuff.  To be honest, I really don't care any more what the diagnosis is, given most of the treatments/rehabilitations are exactly the same for an awful lot of knee-based injury.  As long as there's nothing that's going to get worse over time if we don't do something with it and given there's nothing going on with bones or cartilage, risk there is extremely low.

So I did a quick trot around the block a couple of times this morning.  Average pace 08:12, peak 06:17, only over 2.5km but I've not run in 4 weeks, so best not to go nuts.  (so, er, I'll be doing, or at least starting, the London 10K tomorrow *cough*)

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