Thursday 7 July 2011

Still no news really

Saw the sports physician yesterday.  He prodded a bit and took history and decided it's probably an insertion of the ham string tendon.  He wanted to prove it's not a cartilage problem for sure, given it's all very close together around that area, so booked me in for an MRI.  The MRI was later in the day and I got to stick my leg inside a 1.5 Tesla magnet.  Noisy thing!

I should get a call from the orthopaedic surgeon with the results tomorrow (as the sports physician is on holiday now).  So, hopefully I'll actually have a concrete diagnosis by the end of the day.

Funny how we started with a suspected insertion a few weeks back, went through the possibly hysterical break and/or dislocation, through cartilage damage and back to an insertion again.

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