Tuesday 5 July 2011

No real update yet

But I have an appointment tomorrow to see a sports physician with a bunch of diagnostic toys.  What's been nice over the last couple of days is a call from my physio, following up where I'd got to with getting a referral to someone with some cool diagnostic toys and then a call today from my GP to follow up from his side.  Well, he's not my assigned GP, but he's the doctor at the surgery I've been seeing for my knee wonkiness.

Current suspect between the physio and GP is now cartilage, but we'll see tomorrow.


  1. Hope all went well with the diagnostic toys and whatnot. And nice to see health care professionals actually doing their job properly!

  2. Thanks chick!

    I had a noisy MRI, results due Friday but it keeps being down-graded and down-graded. We're down to potentially down to a tendon insertion with just physio and the odd injection perhaps - or cartilage. Which is a Good Thing :o)