Thursday 21 July 2011


Physio visit involved a recap of the MRI results (mild ITB irritation, fat pad inflammation and mild fraying of the cartilege - perhaps related to the syringing many years ago) and a bit of a trot with physio in tow, assessing my gait.  Apparently my back is very rigid, my hips do something weird and one foot does a floppy thing every 5-6 steps at slow speed but at fast speed my gait becomes much better.  He prodded my hips and glutes and did some deep-tissue work on those (OW!) to loosen things up a bit.

Current thinking is to tape my patella to encourage it to move a bit differently, to see what effect that has on the pain:-

Will go for a decent run at the weekend to see how that works out.  And in the mean time physio is drawing some pictures and having a think about what's going on with my hip movement to see what's going on there.  With 1 week left to London thereafter there may be some other interim management required to get me through that before the more long-term management strategy.


  1. You're lucky you haven't got the lurid pink and blue combination!

    Hope it settles down quickly.

  2. Butbutbutbut, how do I get sympathy if people can't seeeeee it really obviously? ;o)

    Will be testing it in the morning with a 10k or so run. Apparently, if it hurts more I should reverse the horizontal bit or just tear it off completely.

  3. How intriguing and fascinating! How did the run go?

    Sounds like you've got excellent support behind you, fingers crossed they figure it all out soon.