Sunday 18 October 2009

Hard run and some shopping

Phew! We (me and hubby) went shopping, like real serious proper clothes shopping, for the first time together yesterday! We spent a whole 7 hours at it and boy was it fun! Hubby bought a stunningly beautiful winter coat and an everyday casual jacket for work and I bought an evening/dinner dress and some lovely lipstick as inspired by . Lippy looks great, dress looks all grown-up and sophisticated (and gloriously purple :o)).

About half-way through shopping, we stopped for a little refreshment in the John Lewis food hall wine bar. Well, we kinda had to as there was a 20 minute wait to buy a new fridge/freezer (ours has finally started to show real signs of imminent death in that the compressor makes a horrible noise when it's running). One tiny little glass of Pelorus (Cloudy Bay's sparkling white wine) and we were very happy and giggly... it was about 4 hours since lunch so not a totally empty stomach, but ohboy were we grinning and feeling warm and fuzzy. So we bought a half case which will be delivered on the same day at the new fridge (plus half a case of real Cloudy Bay, which we just had to buy as it's really hard to come by).

After a little more fizzy wine last night and crashing to sleep around 1am, we went for a 9.5km run this morning. 55:55 and 630kcals, but I had to stop at the top of the really hard hill as I thought I was going to throw up - mostly from the car fumes I think. Good run I think. Hopefully indicative of a good run in the 10K next week.

Back to work tomorrow and to our new office!

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