Monday 5 October 2009

Playing with the Big Boys

So... new routine puts me in the free weights area with the beefcake! I get to use the bar weights and benches and stuff. So cool!

Body fat is down to 27.6% from 28% last time. Waist has shrunk by 3.5cm(!) but my butt is bigger :oD Considering I've been less than ideally working out and eating over the last month, that's pretty good!

New routine:-

Warm up - rower 1000m

Squat and shoulder press - x12 with 10kg bar - 2 sets
Squat and shoulder press - x12 with 12.5kg bar - 2 sets
3 minutes stepper
Lunge with side shoulder raise - x10 each side with 2x3kg dumbbells - 3 sets
3 minutes cross trainer
Overhead tricep extension with bench pressups - x10 each with 9kg dumbbell- 3 sets
3 minutes rower
C-crunch - x10 with 3kg medicine ball - 3 sets
Side planks - x10 pulses each side - 3 sets
Pilates roll-downs - x5 20s each

Cool down - 10 minutes cross-trainer

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