Tuesday 6 October 2009


Down 700g on yesterday, which was only to be expected after a cakey birthday celebration weekend (my mum, my dad and I all have birthdays in this month; it gets cakey) which was nice. So, I decided yesterday that I'd get a run in today seeing as I wouldn't be gymming (speaking of which, blimey that one set of everything for my new routine yesterday with my trainer sure made my muscles wake up this morning!) and I planned an 8.6km route. Ambitious, seeing as the furthest I've gone before was 7km.

Anyway, once the sofa was delivered and assembled, I headed out. And discovered that my route had not one, not two, but three hills in it! I was sure that my target of 50 minutes was totally unachievable and the 52 minutes that would have meant 10kph average speed was looking iffy too. I did it in 50:29 :oD So, an average of 10.2kph which is great. It looks like I can keep extending the distance and say at the same average speed as I have done from 5km to 6km to 7km and now to 8.6km. I'm hoping for 10km now. Nutter? You decide!

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