Wednesday 14 October 2009

Not ow, again!

The day after the second go at my new weights routine and my legs are not sore -at all-! Last week when I did it in full for the first time, my legs were destroyed for two days afterwards, but today.... nothing at all! :oD AND I did the routine harder this time, burned more kcals etc. So that's really pleasing.

There's a week and a half to go before the 10K so I'll keep at it this week, then ease off next week so I'm all fresh for the race. I'm really hoping to get a good time, of course, but we'll see how it goes on the day; hopefully the thing that everyone says (basically, you go faster in a race than normal) is true and I'd really really love to get a time in the 58:xx, though anything under 60:00 will be OK.

My macro counts are totally off, especially today as it'll be popcorn for dinner (going to the cinema to see UP!) and a late evening supper of beans on toast, plus I'm trying out one of thos Innocent Veg Pots for lunch so not a lot of protein in any of that lot. I don't really mind as I'm not getting hungry and I am having chocolate milk after exercise to feed the torn-up muscles.

And finally, I'll be getting a call from the Mirror today for a feature they want to do on my weight loss success. So that'll be... interesting. I'm hoping to get at least a photo shoot out of it (the photos I have are just not great for an article, so) if nothing else - thankfully, nobody I know reads the Mirror :o)

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