Friday 9 October 2009


My thighs are very sore today, Burning fires down the fronts of them when I walk down stairs etc. So, I'm going to lay off the cross-training that I'd planned for today and have -another- rest day today. So this week now looks like this:-

Monday - learning the new weights routine
Tuesday - 8.6km run
Wednesday - hard going at it on the cross-trainer
Thursday - full new weights routine (inc. cardio warm up and down)
Friday - rest day
Saturday - rest day
Sunday - 9.5km run

And it'll no doubt be a rest day on Monday after that run. So next week looks like this:-

Monday - rest day
Tuesday - full weights routine
Wednesday - cardio at the gym
Thursday - full weights routine
Friday - cardio at the gym
Saturday - rest day
Sunday - some sort of long run (prep for 10km on 25th)

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