Friday 30 October 2009

Need to rein it in

It's been a touch silly the last week; champagne teas, lunches out, dinner out, lots of wine etc., very little gym attendance (partly due to being made to feel guilty about it at work, but that will get fixed soon) and it's no surprise I'm back over 68kg consistently.

I've been over maintenance kcals about 3 of the last 7 days but some of that is due to lack of exercise kcals as well as special occasions. It should be a lot easier to "keep it real" for a few weeks and get back into at least 2 weights and 3 cardio sessions in a week (including 1 outdoor run) now the birthday season is over. My current weights routine is so much fun so I am keen to get more of it in and hopefully the nearest gym to my office will get back to HR about corporate membership discounts soon so I can move to that gym and go more often during the week.

I'm not crushingly down about any of this excess, just a bit annoyed that I let it get a tiny bit out of hand. A tiny bit more self-discipline is all that's needed. I think I'm most peeved about how much I'll weigh when I go for my next PT session (which could be my last with that trainer if I get to move to the more local gym to work) and thus how little fat % I will have lost, if any!

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