Tuesday 14 September 2010

Feeling lovely... just lovely

Not cycling since Friday appears to be agreeing with me.  Also the new bed linen :o)  The extra hour in bed due to taking the tube and not needing to beat the rush on the roads is a huge plus too.  I think that maybe I should just bite the bullet and try cycling in later to see how bad the traffic really is at 8am vs. 7am.  Walking to the tube this morning, the traffic looked pretty OK, but that's only a very small sample of the whole route.

I gymmed yesterday, increased some of the weights since I started with this routine (up to 45kg on the Smith machine for squats, from 30kg, for example) and it's going quite nicely.  I'm not bothering with any cardio at the end as with all this cycling there's no point really thrashing myself to bits even more with that.  That said, the overhead swing and lunge with ViPR gets my heart rate up to 185 (dropping to 135 within 1 minute), so that's cardio enough for me.

Also, not having the MP Max Total Breakfast is nicer too.  "Eating" that every morning was getting a bit much, it's quite sickly, thick and difficult after 3 mornings of it on the trot, so I'm quite pleased to be back to Total Greek yoghurt (2% - which is really really nice for the extra couple of kcals per portion vs 0%) with MP Max True Whey, Cookies and Cream flavour, and a good dollop of fruit compote.  Lovely, sweet, fruity, proteiny, creamy... just blimmin' nice!


  1. Sounds good.

    I'm having difficulties with breakfast. I've 'gone off' cereal because of the milk/lungs problem. Fruit is good but I really need some fibre/carbohydrate to set me up for the day, otherwise I feel starving about an hour afterwards. Toast or bread is out (can't bear butter or spread first thing in the morning and don't really like either with jam alone.) The only thing I can think of is banana but can't face the thought of one every single day.

    Any thoughts?

  2. You could try non-dairy milks... there are some unsweetened soy that are OK. Coconut Kara is a bit tricky I think and I'm going to try rice milk soon so I'll let you know what that's like. Otherwise, there's scrambled eggs on toast with no butter - the scrambleed egg more than makes up for lack of spread on the bread. Or, if you can sneak porridge oats into the house (proper oats, not "porridge mix"), porridge made with water and a gob of honey and some fruit (banana and raisins is lovely) - despite what you may think, the porris=dge is really creamy without any milk products added - takes about 2 minutes, total, in the microwave for 40g oats with 150ml(ish) water, honey and raisins; add the chopped banana afterwards.

  3. It's amazing that we often don't realise how tired we are until we take rest for a few days and then remember what it feels like to not be thrashing ourselves! Extra hour in bed with new bed linen sounds especially nice :)

  4. I've tried soya milk - don't like. Other things on toast are an idea

    Might try the milk-less porridge. If it's made in the microwave, He shouldn't get the smell, especially as I'm usually breakfasting hours before him. Can't bear the thought of adding anything to the porridge mind you, mine must be smooth.

    Thanks for all the suggestions.

  5. There's always jam to be added to hot porridge too; or honey, agave nectar, fruit coulis...

  6. Alison: weird, isn't it? Not noticing feeling under the weather until you feel better.

    Tell you what, it's great to be getting just about 7 hours sleep at the moment too, just about 6 was nowehere near enough :o)

  7. I suspect having your Sweetie back home has something to do with feeling good too.