Friday 3 September 2010

More yoggit

So we're making a real dent into the pile of TOTAL yoghurts that arrived last Saturday.  So far, we've had:-
And I'm now looking at some potential curry recipes which involve full fat Greek yoghurt marinade and/or vegetable curries with Greek yoghurt based sauces.

So the yoghurt has mostly featured in breakfasts, which is a turnaround from where I was a couple of years ago. I'd see things like the Weetabix advert that suggested using yoghurt in breakfast and my reaction would be that it'd be horrible because of the tangyness.  I've had quite a change of heart since then and incorporated it into non-cycling day breakfasts (with whey protein, fruit and flaked nuts - it's sweet, tangy and lovely) and when I do cycle in, it's part of my second breakfast when I get to the office (with fresh fruit and crunchy museli - helps refuel after a 15km thrash on the bike).

With cooking, I've often found that yoghurt splits with certain cooking methods and when mixed with certain ingredients.  Greek yoghurt, due to the way it's made, suffers far less from that even a much lower fat contents than normal plain yoghurt.  I've also found that compared with supermarket branded "Greek style" yoghurts, that TOTAL does perform better in cooking and has less of a grainy texture than some others - it's much creamier and smoother textured.

More recipes to come, methinks... we're almost through the 0%, made inroads into the 10% (full fat) and already scoffed the ones with honey.  There's all of the 2% left and half of the full fat to go, so curries are coming and maybe some more sweet things too.


  1. My usual is sliced banana, greek yogurt, and a tsp or two of honey on top (I prefer it on top to stirred in, even when eating from the pot). Yum!

  2. I'm a fan of Greek yoghurt with muesli or granola but also appreciate it just with a few nuts, seeds and a dribble of pine honey.

  3. Great ideal as the yogurt 'cools' quite literately(In India and S. Asia all the thalis come with a yogurt or raita for this reason alone!

    Tip: The secret of an authetic curry is prep(lots and lots of garlic and ginger paste or puree, make your own or buy ready made:) lots of onions and of course the lovely fragrant spices. Fry onions on a intense heat, eventually adding ginger and garlic pastes(high flame)then your chili, turmeric, cumin, coriander etc. continue to stir on a high flame add chopped tomatoes with your butternut squash, sweet potato or meat(add water if needed)serve with basmati brown rice, chapatis and poppadoms!

  4. Whoops! simmer with lid after you've added Tomatoes and serve together with yogurt and rice etc.

  5. Ohgodyes... greek yoghurt with honey and banana is gorgeous! A real treat when I'm not having the best of days and I need a really good snack to keep me going to the next meal.