Wednesday 22 September 2010

Back in a bit...

Had a few days down in Cornwall.  Gymmed twice and ran once!  (drank every day, but not loads, ate a fair amount)  Came back, said hello to house-sitters and cats.  Heading back down to Cornwall on Friday for a week.

Feeling the size of a house and retaining fluid like a doodah, but still in thermometer jeans and tiny dresses, so.

Gym at the hotel was tiny, but I managed to do two different routines with significatly heavier weights than the last time I did them (squats with clean and shoulder press with 12kg dumbbells and squat and overhead swing with 18kg dumbbell :o)) and we ran for 40 minutes, which is the furthest I've run in a year...


  1. I would love to go to Cornwall I have never been, do you have a holiday home/friends down that way? x

  2. Sounds lovely, I would love to visit cornwall at some point, congrats on your long run!

  3. Was wondering where you were at.

    Funny how a change in environment can sometimes be enough to get you out of rut with lifting. I've discovered that I can also go heavier if I don't know what I'm lifting. Mental. Literally.

    Hope you feel well-rested :)