Sunday 3 October 2010

First gym in a little while

Last time I did any proper exercise was 20th September - an off-piste gym session at the Cornwall Hotel Spa and Estate which had a tiny gym equipped with lots of cardio machines but not so well on the free weights front.  No Smith machine, only a wobbly bar and bar weights up to 5kg to add on.  Still managed a reasonable couple of routines in that gym though, which was nice.

This morning... back to the last routine from my trainer and I was expecting to be weak and pathetic after almost 2 weeks off.  But no :o)  Increased weights on most stuff and added in a couple of extra bits from previous routines as well:-
  • Warm up 1km on the rower (L7 04:30)
  • Squats - Smith machine (no counter-weight) with Olympic bar plus 15kg - 3x10
  • Clean and press - 25kg barbell - 3x10 (A)
  • Reverse crunches - bodyweight - 3x15 (A)
  • Overhead squat - 3x10 - 12kg ViPR (B)
  • Crunch with overhead lift - 3x10 - 12kg ViPR (B)
  • Planks on 3x medicine balls - 2x60s
  • Pressups on 3x medicine balls - x5
  • Squat and swing - 18kg dumbbell - 3x10
  • Lunge and horizontal press - 3x10x2 - 10kg ViPR
  • Lunge with overhead swing - 3x8x2 - 16kg ViPR
  • Cool down on x-trainer - 5 minutes (L7, L6, L4)
  • Stretch on the Powerplate.
 RAWR!  Gonna hurt tomorrow :oD

Photos from holiday(s) and some further thoughts later... it's been a bit sorty-outy this weekend so far and I could do with sitting on my arse a little bit.

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