Tuesday 19 October 2010

Being tormented

...by the Star Chef!  Damned thing!

This morning, I stuck some lamb neck fillet (cubed - 400g), carrot (2x sliced), onion (2x medium, chopped roughly), garlic (3 large cloves, sliced thickly), stock cubes (x2), lemon peel (most of a lemon's peel), halved dried apricots (7), parsnip (1x sliced), cinnamon stick (snapped in half), flour (1 flat tbsp) and water (600ml) in the slow cooker and set it to be ready at 7pm so it can sit, keeping warm until we want it.  And went out to a conference for the day.

Yes, I had breakfast before heading out (Total Greek yoghurt with MP Max protein and some fruit compote) and I took a punnet of Graze "Americas Nut Mix" with me in case the snacks were bad, and ohboy was I glad of that!  The breakfast reception was tea/coffee and pastries.  I had 2x coffees.  Then the coffee break was tea/coffee and chocolate chip cookies.  I had 1x tea.  Lunch was frickin' ages away, so I had some of those nuts shortly after the tea break.  Lunch was at 1pm!  And, as the session I was in ended a few minutes after the other two on at the same time, those in the session I was in had to wait ages for any food.  And lunch was teeny tiny bowls of rice or noodles and cabbage or prawns (ha! I say prawns, I got two minuscule prawns in my bowl!), no more than a couple of flat tablespoons full of food in each bowl.  I had two bowls.  Then there was chocolate brownies and coffee/tea.  Guess what?  Yep!  I had tea.  No brownie.  Then back to the sessions at 2pm and I tucked into the rest of my nuts at 3.  Two small glasses of wine at the drinkies after the session and home by 6.30pm to be met by The Smell.

Thank you very much Star Chef!  For filling the house with the most -incredible- smell of lamb and cinnamon and general nommage!  I'm -STARVING-!  And it's too early to eat dinner, but all I can think of is the fabulous smell.  *whimper*


  1. Advice is a bit late now, but I've been out for the evening.

    In future if the torment gets too bad, ladle out some of the stock and have it as a 'starter soup'.

  2. I might have slightly done that. A bit. *cough*