Monday 4 October 2010

Holiday(s) - Part I

First of all, we were only supposed to have a week off.  But...

After 6.5 hours driving to Cornwall on the Friday, getting the key to the cottage, unloading the car and getting ready to hit the pub, another couple arrived.  Yeah... so, to cut a long story short, we were a week early and I hadn't noticed the dates in the PDF attached confirmation to the booking.  So, tired, upset and grumpy we re-packed the car and drove to the nearby Tesco car-park to work out what to do.  I was prepared to get some food in us and drive home again, but Mr TOTKat was already checking for somewhere to stay for the night.

A quick search for "hotels in Cornwall, sorted by price descending" threw up The Cornwall Hotel Spa and Estate which tunred out to be all of 12 miles away, just outside St Austell.  So we booked for the night and drove over that way.  Ohyes.  Yes.  Newly opened in March this year it was shiny and pretty and luxurious.  Over aperitifs we discussed that we really didn't want to go back to work on Monday; when you're in the mind-set that you're on holiday for a week and have spent a day travelling, you're really not in the best frame to pull it back to "off to work on Monday" all that easily.  So we decided to stay for a few nights.  I checked that we could get a room for the following couple of nights and booked us in.

Yeah, they're new and yeah they're a bit flaky around the edges but we enjoyed ourselves and had a couple of sessions in the little gym and a nice long (for me) run.  Couple of supply issues and timing issues with the hotel, but they'll improve that over time I'm sure.  Very nice.  Not -quite- Pennyhill Park, but ohmygod it was -exactly- the right thing at the time.

Tuesday, we came back to London and had a great night in with cat-sitters - mahousive Chinese takeaway and some fizzy wine, then back to work for a couple of days to get stuff sorted that couldn't wait another week.  Work didn't feel so bad at that point and we both got loads done (I left my Out of Office message on so people didn't book me for meetings that could wait a bit while I got the pressing things sorted).

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