Monday 4 October 2010

Holiday(s) - Part II

Friday came around again and off we set back down to Cornwall again.

I felt a bit sick all the way there... what if it was the wrong week again? (of course it wasn't, I'd heard the woman say we were booked for 24th, so... well, it never stops the fear though, does it?)  The journey wasn't too bad and we knew the way already so that was handy.

Everything was right this time though and having unpacked the car, we headed to the local pub for dinner.  Heavenly fish and chips, though I'd originally wanted the beef lasagne there wasn't any left so I gave in and had the fried option.  I had more than half of the batter, which says a lot for the quality of the batter as I usually leave at least 2/3rds of it unless it is phenomenally light and crispy.  And having discovered Tribute ale from the St Austell brewery in Part I, we tucked into a couple of pints and finally relaxed.

I think I cooked dinner all of twice in the whole week - we picked up some local beef and duck at the food fair in Truro at the weekend and had steak early in the week and duck right at the end.  In between was a lot of pub dinners and a trip to Rick Stein's "The Seafood Restaurant" in Padstow (with a round trip taxi journey at £110!).  Stein's was great.  Really great.  We had the 7 course tasting menu with wine recommended by the sommelier and every course was really lovely right down to the puff-light pavlova at the end which left us not feeling stuffed at all, just nicely full and happy.  And, for a top-notch restaurant tasting menu it wasn't desperately expensive.  Very happy customers.

Oh, and on the one day of glorious sunshine, we hired a couple of mountain bikes from the Bike Barn and cycled the "Coast to Coast Trail" - 22ish miles of almost flat track and trail through nature reserves, along a river, past an old arsenic mine and, of course, a coast at either end.

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