Saturday 16 October 2010

I don't know why

I went a bit silly at work on Friday.  I'd had a good week in general, lots of gym and cycling and good food in appropriate quantities.  Then there was a pretty major milestone achieved and my boss got cake in.  I have -no- idea what happened.  I have -never- been one to go nuts with sweet things, not in my life.  So, when I ended up having 3x Gu Millionaires Flapjacks, 5x M&S raspberry yoghurt bites and a raspberry cup cake...  What. The.  Hell?  Had I stopped before the cupcake that would have just been a bit piggy, but I'm actually lost for words with that haul.  Especially given that I knew we were having pizza for dinner and a couple of beers.  Just... I... I plain have no idea what happened there.  I don't feel guilty, or horrible, or scared I'll put on 10 pounds.  I'm just confused.

Any of you guys done something totally mad and random relating to eating like that?


Today's gym was pretty good.  I managed to increase the weights on the overhead raise with squat and the lunges with overhead swing with the ViPR from 16kg to 20kg as well as getting more reps in on the squat with clean and press with the 30kg barbell, and I had a go on the leg press and lat pulldown machines to see how heavy I can manage these days.  55kg on the lat pulldown, without cheating and using my bodyweight to pull it down.  And 110kg on the leg press.


  1. I'm busy reading "The End of Overeating" and its sounds like you had a classic case of sugar-fat-salt combo, its basically food designed to make to make your senses dance for eating joy and ergo eat more, especially since you hardly even have to chew them.


  2. Oh yes, I have many a muesli binge to testify for that. Its so strange when it happens though, I feel like I'm not in control of my body - like an out of body experience or something. Glad you don't feel too bad about it, I think its remembering that its not too terrible in the grand scheme of things. Well done on your gym session x

  3. I think what Lara said. I don't think you need to worry though your brain died or anything. It was just a moment that you weren't prepared for and so didn't know how to tackle. I do find it amusing that you've tagged "mad" and "weird" in this post though ;-)

    Nice work on the weights btw. Am super impressed by your clean and press!

  4. Sympathies mate, it happens to the best of us. I'm still no further forward about understanding why it happens but what Lara says is so true.

    Great weights workout :)

  5. Thing is, I don't really even particularly like sweet stuff all that much... Definitely chalking this one down to "odd" and "not cause for concern that it'll happen again".