Monday 18 October 2010


Lots of wine on Saturday.  No more than any given night when we were on holiday a few weeks back, but it bit hard on Sunday.  Spent most of the day on the sofa, watching telly and doing not very much at all.  (well, my version of not very much which included lots of laundry.  And for a really badly hung-over day, I did very well on the food front.  3 meals (wholemeal bagel with a poached egg, wholemeal granary sarnie of ham cream cheese and lettuce, wholemeal pasta with beef chilli followed by a small dollop of 70% chocolate ice-cream), 1 snack (greek yoghurt with fruit compote) and nothing "bad".

A lot of yesterday's telly included 3 episodes of Jamie's 30-Minute Meals.  Anyone else seen any of those?  I'm pretty impressed, to be honest.  Really good meals, 99.5% made from scratch (tiny cheats in pastry cases already made in one of the 3 I saw), and all in under 30 minutes.  We were so taken that we're going to get the book.

This morning, I'm still feeling a bit delicate and the week is looking to be heading away from my plan already: Mon - gym, Tue - cycle, Wed - gym, Thu - cycle, Fri - gym, Sat&Sun - rest.  And already, Tuesday is looking doubtful.  Hey ho.


  1. I don't really see the "Oh Dear" in all this. Do you maybe still have a bit of hangover guilt? ;-)

  2. :oD

    's definitely "oh dear" for the heinous amount of alcohol consumed on Saturday!

  3. I considered getting the JO book earlier today but as its my birthday in a couple of weeks I'm kind of hoping I get it then!

  4. Rob: metoo :o) But Mr TOTKat decided to buy it anyway, I think, not just as a present for me.