Saturday 9 October 2010

Sometimes I have to remind myself of basics

After 2 weeks off from any exercise, going in with 3x return trip cycles to work and 2x gym sessions in a 7 day period (3850kcals overall)... is potentially a bit much.  So, time to remind myself not to thrash myself to bits out of nowhere and not feel bad that I didn't do 3x gyms this week.

I gave in and did a body fat measurement today, having been dreading it for a while.  And it wasn't horrible!  25.2% (at 67.5kg); up from 24.9%(at 65.7kg)  back at the end of July but that's not bad at all, all things considered.  I was expecting it to be higher.  More interestingly, I've gained 1.2kg lean body mass in that time period without particularly trying.  OK, yes, I've gained fat too (0.65kg), but not as much as the muscle and that was probably while we were on hols and I wasn't doing any exercise.

I've not had many food photos recently, so here's one of my afternoon snack today, that Mr TOTKat prepared so prettily for me.


  1. "and that was probably while we were on hols and I wasn't doing any exercise"

    I doubt it. LBM usually comes with a fat increase. This is why I'm happy to take on an extra stone in order to cut back to where I want to be.

  2. That is a pretty snack! And well done at stepping back and not going crazy on the gym thing.