Friday 8 October 2010

I <3 my bike

Today's ride in wasn't particularly nice.  Though London was oddly beautiful in the strangely warm and dry mist this morning.  Like.. weird.  Misty.  But warm.  And I didn't feel damp at all.  Pretty.  But weird.  My legs had no power and I felt a bit weak in general.  No fun at all.  So I decided at the end of today's working day not to bother getting into my lycra and to just cycle home in my jeans and t-shirt and take it easy.

The first great thing was that CTUK were at the Northern side of Southwark bridge, helping out with tuning and training, so I stopped for a lovely chat and learned about brake and gear tuning.  I now have a set of gears that will let me use the big chain ring!  And my brakes are lovely and sharp with -much- less travel in the levers.  And I know how to adjust them myself for next time.  Result!  So that made me set off with a spring in my step, so to speak and I ended up having a fabulous ride home, spotting the best gaps and hazards weeeell in advance and didn't have to stop at all between Clapham South and the Savacentre!  The upshot was, the fastest ever ride home and a really really enjoyable one with no fuming, snarking, yelling or grumbling at all.  *beam*


  1. Those CTUK pitstops are awesome. Doesn't it feel good when you've had a tune up! And yaay for good, traffic light free rides home. Great way to start the weekend

  2. I met the most amazing lady this evening at the clinic thing... she was -so- cool and clued up and enthusiastic about cycling without being patronising or annoying in any way at all. I wanted to tell her she wasn't all that old (she looked in her early 50s) compared with me when she was talking about forgetting stuff 'cause she was old, but I really had to get home and the really long cycle lights they were set up next to juuuuust went green as she was saying it and I was mounted up ready to go... I was good when I got home and left good feedback on their web site for her though :o) Brilliant lady and I learned stuff without feeling lectured at!