Wednesday 27 October 2010

Still not logging

I've not logged my food since 17th September.  The first 2 weeks of that was because I was on holiday, but since I've been back I've stayed off it.

For a control freak like me, this was theoretically hard.  And for the first week or two after the holidays it definitely made me a bit twitchy.  What's kept me going and not freaking out so far has been the fact that my cycling has been very random - one week saw 4x return journeys to work, whereas last week and this week it's been zero for various reasons.  That alone means that the transit food weight is all over the place so I have no idea whether I'm slightly gaining weight or staying stable in the grand scheme of things.  Of course, my clothes fit fine (and given that most of my work clothes are very fitted shift dresses, I'd notice any even slight size change there) .  So.  The plan is to keep going with not logging for at least a total of 3 months to get some good data.  OK, yes, Christmas is in that 3 months, but... I've never really been one for over-doing it particularly around Christmas and seeing as Christmas is pretty much cancelled for me this year (work is a bit nuts) it shouldn't be a particularly difficult eating season at all.  I'm figuring that as long as I put in a minimum of 2x weights sessions per week, aim for 3 and cycle in to work for at least some of the Winter I'll be doing fine.

Now for the fun bit... I'm off to a product launch tomorrow with Weight Watchers.  Anyone else going?  I'll report back, of course, but it'd be great to hook up if any of you guys are also going to be there!


  1. Is it a food product launch, or a launch of a new plan in their classes? There are rumours they have something new coming out, and of course as someone in the rival camp I'm vaguely interested :)

    Personally I figure these days SW and WW both give people tools to help them manage their eating to help them stay satisfied while limiting calories in a sensible way without actually calorie counting. So they both work and which people get on better with - or if they just plain prefer calorie counting - is a personal thing.

    As for their foods - many of them don't really work for me but boy am I a fan of their frozen chocolate eclairs :)

  2. It's a plan, but they're not giving away any more than that until tomorrow...

  3. Not logging your "not logging" is the next step (-: