Monday 11 October 2010

Week one of not logging

Week one of not logging food and, well, it seems to be going OK.  Yeah I had a bit of a session on the booze last night, but weight is roughly stable so far over this first week.  I've not totally freaked out on the days when my weight was way up and not danced around in circles when it was down.  3 more weeks of this test to go though.  And there are a few events in those 3 weeks, so it's quite representative of a "normal" 4 weeks overall.

So far, it's not as hard as I though it would be.  After logging and recording and planning for over 4 years, I thought my control freaky nature would stop me from being able to do "intuitive eating" in any way at all, even if it was more just routine eating of combinations of things that I know keep me in my allowances.  I'm even not always eating at the set times I'd normally eat - apart from breakfast within 30 minutes of waking up, making sure I've had something no more than 90 minutes (and no less than 20 minutes) before hard exercise, and an evening meal at 7.30pm-8pm - more when I feel it is time for something.

How do you guys get on with not logging?  Do you do it obsessively?  Are you OK not doing it?  Are you somewhere in between?


  1. You're doing really well sweetie, keep the faith. My logging lately has been very hit and miss - I'm eating when hungry and making more of an effort to not eat until full to bursting and so far so good.

    Eating according to how your body feels rather than what the clock says is one of the most valuable lessons IMO.


  2. I've never logged but I'm in the process of moving away from the scales for reassurance every other day. I'm trying to balance my eating so If I feel I go a bit overboard one day then the next day I eat lighter and so on. It sounds like your doing a really good job so far - just trust yourself and your body x

  3. Planning meals is a good habit to keep up. Without it, I find myself struggling with what to cook every day and shopping is very much hit and miss.

  4. Jo: thanks hun :o) I'm finding this mentally as difficult as losing weight in the first place. Your support is very very welcome! And yes, the goal is to be able to listen to my body better 'cause I think I was born a bit deaf to it and now I'm trying to learn to hear the whispers rather than only being able to hear the yelling.

    Laura: I think you're quite lucky having the capability to assess what's appropriate and when. I'm quite a way away from being able to do the "oops" one day and wind it back the next in response to it.

    Hesadevil: life's a bit too unpredictable to plan too far ahead, though general ideas for what we might have in any given week are usually based around aiming for at least one fishy meal, not having to cook every single night (i.e. have something from the frozen-down batches at least once or twice), no more than one meal of sausages in a week etc. etc.

  5. That is planning. No need for any longer-term than a week ahead so that shopping can be done efficiently.