Wednesday 6 October 2010

Gonna be difficult!

Ohboy is it tricky so far.  Only 5 days into the not-logging thing and although I know full well that I'm not eating excessively, because my weight is trickling upwards a tiny bit, I'm stressing about it.  I know I have to give it a couple of weeks or so to settle down, but it's difficult!

I have to remember that changing too many things in a short period of time gives un-interpretable results. But... gnnnngh!


  1. How about weighing weekly instead of daily? Your body fluctuates a lot so you might be worrying unnecesarily..

  2. It's a valid point, yes. I do intend to get to weighing weekly but looking at weight graphs over the last 4 years shows that there are fluctuations daily that can result in a spurious high reading on a weekly weigh which will scare me unnecessarily at the moment. I need nice, normalised graphs that show trends (for which more data is better) and smooth out the blips.

    I will get to weekly and then maybe monthly weighing. I know I will!

  3. Yeah, that's always a potential problem with the weekly weigh ins.. I started measuring with a tape measure instead as I felt it was more accurate and caused me less stress and upset.. It's hard though!

  4. And relax! You know you're not overeating sweets, just have a quiet word with yourself and tell your brain that it's not fat you're gaining.

    I would seriously try and switch over to weekly weighing, or even ditch the scales altogether.

  5. Don't worry, I'm in the same position and have shoved my scales in the shed, I will weigh once a month and not stress about it, so long as I'm on tract, the scales are just a number

  6. I'm going to really try to stick to one change at a time. Any more than that and I'll totally freak out, I think ;o)

    So... hard though it is (and made harder by a spontaneous call to go out for dinner just now!) I am going to stick to weighing daily and not logging for at least 28 days before I make any other changes. Now I've put that down in text I -have- to stick to it - oh the power of the Internets and public self-doodah!