Friday 15 October 2010


I broke the 1000km barrier with my bike this week (1067km actually).  *beam*  And the not-logging is still going OK, given where I am with it, in the "still learning" phase.  I've had to check up a couple of times that I'm not going nuts and about to end up eating too much and both times I was absolutely right that I'd not eaten anywhere near enough for that day and I really -was- lacking.

  • > 1000km on my new bike (not sure I can call it new any more ;o))
  • Still not logging food (and thus exercise)
  • 3x cycle commutes
  • 2x gym (so far, will probably go again at the weekend)
  • Hit 40 followers (some are hidden, so you guys won't see that number I don't think)
Not too bad really.


  1. Glad you're slowly finding your feet with not logging food and exercise. I think if you can learn to trust yourself then you'll enjoy a lot more self-confidence and freedom.

    And 1000km, wowza!

  2. It's where we should all be naturally, I think. But so often it doesn't work out that way and we get it wrong...