Tuesday 7 September 2010


Not really feeling it at the moment.

Random thoughts...
  • At an average of 1500kcals over maintenance per week vs. calorific output including exercise, I'm slowly losing a little weight
  • Lots of cycling during the week is getting easier (even with the frustrations of a gazillion extra cyclists and cars on the road today due to the tube strike)
  • My core strength has come on hugely (I did some reverse crunches at the gym yesterday and they were -phenomenally- easy, so I did them for a count of 5 per crunch at 3x15 reps and it was still easy!)
  • I've really enjoyed playing about with Greek yoghurt recipes, adding it into porridge for an extra kick of creaminess and there's still a couple more to come - the ice-cream was a HUGE hit with me - it tastes like it's been made with clotted cream
  • I'm really enjoying making curries from scratch without using pre-made pastes, never mind sauces from jars
  • I'm very much looking forward to Mr TOTKat coming home on Saturday (huge understatement!)
  • This week is going to be possibly the biggest week for routine exercise, with the exception of the week we went skiing
  • I'm really not keeping up with reading blogs at the moment... it's not you, it's me.  (honestly!)
And so, almost time to bed.  With tea.  And a kitty.  Or two.

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