Friday 10 September 2010

Metoo with the sloppy :o)

I have had rather a sloppy day today, but I just needed it, so.

Breakfast of Total Breakfast with fruit and skimmed milk is getting a bit tedious, but that's what I have when I cycle in the morning as it's the fastest way to get enough releasable energy in place for my commute in the morning.  So, that's what I had.  Then I had second breakfast when I got into the office, showered and changed, of Greek yoghurt, strawberries, banana and honey.  Nom!  Lunch of the usual roasted chicken in a salad of various things like lettuce, celery, sweet pepper etc..  Then, the afternoon just went pear-shaped and I cracked at 4pm and went to the coffee shop across the lane from the office, where I'd had a meeting in the morning and coveted the cakes on offer, and bought a slice of treacle tart.  But for once I was brave and I asked them to tell me how much it weighed.  So they got out some scales and weighed it for me!  They were totally understanding!  I'd checked on WLR before I went for a rough idea of how many kcals it might cost (I had loads to spare at that point.  Like... loads!) and hoped it was around 130g of average to heavy treacle tart.  And lo!  It was 137g!  So, that way 500-600 kcals of refined sugars and fat in an incredible dense delivery mechanism.  And it tasted -amazing-.  I think I can honestly say that it was the nicest treacle tart I have ever eaten.  And it meant that instead of eating my fruit&nut bar, I donated it to my boss, who'd not managed to have any lunch by 5pm and I relied on the treacle tart to get me home.

Now, either the treacle tart had worn off, or I was a teensy bit fatigued from the quite extensive cycling this week, but I had no legs pretty quickly on the way home and it was really hard work.  It took 47 minutes and felt quite difficult.  I did have a nice chat with a Welsh guy on a motorbike at a set of lights though, so that was nice.

Dinner started out as chilli with couscous, peas and sweetcorn.   Which turned into chilli with pitta bread as I'd run out of steam by dinner time.  And then I was still hungry after that.  So I had another pitta bread with chorizo and cheddar with mustard.  And a couple of glasses of wine to finish off a bottle that was in the fridge.

But... you know what?  I've put in 4,400-odd kcals of exercise this week, so *raspberry* to it all.  I'm under maintenance and there's plenty of room for a nice dinner out tomorrow night as well.


  1. No legs, but fatigued, treacle tart.. Sounds to me like you need a bit of a rest chick. 4,400 is a heck of a lot. I wasn't burning that much more in my heaviest marathon training weeks. I'd be tempted to dial down the cardio and just do some weights sessions a few times a week for a bit.

    Keep the treacle tart though, because that's amazing!

  2. *bit fatigued (am having a typo mare this morning!)

  3. Sounds like you more than deserved that treacle tart! Glad you enjoyed it so much, I think a treat like that every so often does you good x

  4. Mmmrest... but how to do it when I'm commuting by bike? I don't want to give up the weight training and if I cycle 4x a week that's 3,500 straight off the bat.

    I'm not doing the 3rd weights session this week 'cause I am feeling quite thrashed. But there has to be a way to do this!