Tuesday 31 August 2010

03:55 and no training

Well, not any proper training really.  I haven't swum since the Thames swim and I've run once since the last triathlon.  But I've cycled quite a bit.  Not formal, targetted training, but a lot more cycling than before.  And it's functional cycling, so not like I have to make time for it either.  And I've done very little weights training over the last few weeks, so I've not even been doing well on that front either.  But still... 03:55 faster this time is better than a poke in the eye and it's 10 minutes and 25 seconds faster than the first one.  Not bad for 3 races, I'd say :o)

Race 2 - 347/411 overall, 39/54 in my category 01:35:02
Race 3 - 268/341 overall, 31/49 in my category 01:28:32
Race 4 - 219/369 overall, 22/61 in my category 01:24:37

And here I am swimming...  (just look at that low, early morning sunlight!)

cycling... (hm, I really -do- need to raise my seat a bit more, but then I can't touch the floor; dilemma!)

and running... (shame there's no photos of my sprint finish; apparently it didn't even look like me)


  1. Good arm positioning on the freestyle.

  2. Fab pics! Looks like you worked very hard indeed! x

  3. Saddle: I'm the same. A bit higher would be better for performance by a long way, but the convenience of being able to put a foot down at the lights without getting out of the saddle is hard to give up.

  4. Great to see the pics, and good work on beating your other times. Just goes to show that more training does not necessarily = better :)

  5. You are a machine. I wish I had the dedication you do! You've got it all down from the diet to the training (in multiple activities). I'm having a tough time just getting my running life back on track. Good work on your times!