Monday 9 August 2010

And of course I can't do as I'm told, can I?

Having needed the extra sleep this morning, got up at 07:15 for brekkie and shower and a 30 minute huge tantrum around the house failing to find my Oyster card, I gave in and bought a single ticket to work this morning.  4 quid for a single journey paper ticket; daylight robbery!  On my Oyster card it's 2.70, for crying out loud! Anyway, as suspected, my Oyster was under my desk at work where it must have fallen out at some point Thu/Fri last week when I'd cycled in (I last used it on Wednesday, so it must've been after that).  Hey ho.  At least it was still there and the cleaners hadn't nicked it.  I was already annoyed that I hadn't been in a state to get up at 06:!5 so didn't cycle, but not having my Oyster really made me cross.

First full run through my new routine today and, yep, it's a good 'un.  Of course I can't do as I'm told and only do 2x sets of things like my trainer said to...
  • Warm up 1km on the rower (L7, 02:10 pace for 500m, 02:00 pace for 500m)
  • Deep squats - 3x10 -Smith Machine with Olympic bar plus 2x5kg
  • SS1 Clean and press - 3x10 - Olympic bar with 2x 2.5kg weights
  • SS1 Press with knee-lift against Swiss Ball - 3x20 - bodyweight
  • SS2 Overhead squat - 3x10 - 8kg ViPR
  • SS2 Crunch with overhead lift - 3x10 - 8kg ViPR
  • Lunge and horizontal press - 3x10 - 8kg ViPR
  • Lunge with overhead swing - 3x10 - 10kg ViPR
  • SS3 Crunch with leg cycles - 2x30 - bodyweight
  • SS3 Walking planks - 2x10 - bodyweight
  • Sprints on x-trainer - 3x30s with 60s recovery - L8 (180-200 speed)
  • Cool down and stretch
Ohboy those overhead swings are a killer! Love it!

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