Monday 2 August 2010

We swam. Ow.

So we swam in the Thames.  I swam in a wetsuit, Mr TOTKat swam in a tri-suit.  I ruined my shoulders.  Every single stroke felt like I was pulling against a resistance band across my shoulder and after 75 minutes of that at a pretty constant rate, my shoulders are utterly wrecked.  They started aching not long after the swim and got worse throughout the afternoon and evening to the point where I couldn't dress myself this morning, or wash or brush my hair.  I've got on a zip-front top as that was least painful to put on.  So I'm working from home today, I can't go in to work looking like this; dragged through a hedge backwards and in a track-suit effectively.

Race report next.


  1. Poor you. Not enough pre-swim training in the pool?

    It was a terrific time and you came in ahead of swimmers who were over ten years your junior.

    You'll meed some sports' physio attention to get the shoulders eased.

  2. Crikey, that sounds tough! Well done you! Have a nice warm bath x