Wednesday 25 August 2010

Any suggestions?

I'm sulking at home today - rotten sore throat which came on yesterday morning and got worse through the day and night to real ow proportions this morning.  I'm hoping it will bugger off swiftly in time for the cleaner coming tomorrow, never mind stuff that needs doing at work and the last TTT on Monday...

Anyhoo, I'm sore, sleepy, hungry and need recipe ideas for something based around some Kara coconut milk - I really want to try this and now is as a good a time as any.  I have lots of fruit (strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and mango) and the usual clean-food freak with a protein habit on the side stuff in the fridge and cupboard (though no spinach at the moment, so I can't have a Green Monster).  The Kara web site has a whole one drink recipe idea and even I could have come up with "whizz it up with strawberries and a sweetner of some kind"... though that does sound nice, it's also a bit on the boring side!  So... people, help me out with something I can have that's not going to be more than 250kcals or so.  Otherwise I'm gonna sit here under my furry blankie and get grumpier and grumpier with hunger!


  1. I would wack all those fruits in a blender with the milk and some peanut butter - it might tip the 250 cals though! Or you could have it with some granola and fruit? You could try cooking some quinoa or rice in it and then adding spices like a kind of tropical spiced rice pudding? or just leave out spice and add mango? Not sure how it would turn out but you could try. I'm going to give the sweet quinoa a go for breakfast at the weekend me thinks x

  2. How about some soup?

    Poor you. Hopefully you're not harbouring some dreaded lurgy.

  3. I'd make a thai curry and just eat a sensible portion. Got any turkey? Or even fish?

    Brilliant for cleaning out a cold, too.

  4. Thanks guys... I now have a great combination of ideas for the rest of the day :o)

    dog: The curry idea sounds like a winner and would batter any throat germs on the head and I have prawns - could make a thai curry soup/broth thing. I have ginger, lime, prawns, baby veggies, spices, chilli peppers...

    Laura: reckon I'll keep those ideas in hand for later in the week. Suffering from real recipe boredom at the moment so all new ideas are really useful!

    Hesadevil: I've moved my butternut squash (which got roasted last night) from what I was going to have for dinner into a soup for lunch instead now

  5. I would go with Laura's smoothie, porridge or just a protein shake with coconut milk instead of water. I love the sounds of a prawn curry with the coconut too!

  6. Thanks to you all, I now have:-

    (breakfast - porridge made with water, with raisins and a splash of Elmlea)
    lunch - roasted butternut squash soup with a wholemeal roll (was going to have chorizo and butternut squash risotto type thing for dinner)
    snack - ham, philadelphia and lettuce wrap (was going to have prawn & avocado wraps for lunch)
    snack - coconut milk and mango protein shake
    dinner - thai prawn & coconut broth with rice noodles


  7. I use it to make my porridge - it's less calories than regular milk but so tasty. I also love it for protein frappucinos or smoothies.

  8. Aww no :-( Sore throats are the worst, I hope you have a very speedy recovery!