Tuesday 17 August 2010

Seven Days was all she wrote...

The Stylish Laura nominated me for a bit of fun a few days ago...

Here are the rules:
  • Thank the person who gave you the award. – Thank you Laura :o)
  • Share seven things about yourself.
  • Nominate fifteen newly discovered blogs.
  • Let your nominees know about the award.
7 things about me...
  1. I have a Masters degree in Materials Science and Engineering and spent 3 further years researching Process Modelling of Titanium Matrix Composites for Aerospace Applications as a PhD project. (makes sense why I'm freakishly interested in numbers now?)
  2. I turned down doing a PhD at Cambridge University in favour of staying in London (I was young, I was in love...)
  3. I was in the National Youth Wind Orchestra of Great Britain - playing the French Horn
  4. I didn't learn to ride a bike until I was 24.
  5. Despite being a feminist (as in, I believe that men and women should be treated equally, not that I wear dungarees, Birkenstocks and burn my bras as soon as I've bought them 'cause I do none of that), I changed my surname when I got married.
  6. I have had my own vanity domain (totkat.org) for 10 and a half years and kept an online journal for over 13 years (though the majority is offline and archived due to my previous hosting being utterly useless and making a mess of things).
  7. When I was a kid, I wanted to be a marine biologist when I grew up, like Jacques Cousteau - I've not even got GCSE biology now :o)
So... 15 blogs to nominate.  Crickey, I barely even read that many blogs - too hard to keep up!  And most of the ones I read have already been nominated.  So, here we go.  There's Running Rob, Moley, Katkins, AnnaB'sRaceReports, Paul Kruzycki... well, I guess 5 is better than none, eh?


  1. Thanks for taking part - fab facts! Its been great to find out more about my favourite bloggers. So amazing that you had the chance to study for a PhD at Cambridge x

  2. Didn't know you did all that cool engineering stuff! I approve very much, it all sounds most interesting...

  3. I am yet another one of those people who did a "proper" degree in something "worthwhile" and slunk off to IT when it came to getting a job (though my PhD project was all based in computer modelling of stuff, so it's not a huuuuge surprise).