Monday 23 August 2010


Why can't blogs do notifications to commenters? (partly rhetorical question as I can see how complex it would be to make it work without annoying people)

I've started to follow a few more blogs and I do post the odd comment from time to time (not really one for posting comments for the sake of it).   The thing is, I like to see what people say in response to, or to follow up on my comments.  This means I have to rememebr which blogs I commented on, which posts on those blogs and check each one for any updates.  And I really suck at remembering.  WLR forums have the exact same problem (and that's a forum so it really should do that kind of notification, dammit!).

So, if you post something in response to a comment I've made somewhere, don't be offended if I don't follow up.  It's not personal, I probably haven't even seen your response either 'cause I suck!  (OK, so some web journal providers give the journaller the option for notifications like that, but not all and the method is clunky too)

Also... (mm, whinge-tastic today!) My quads, palms and ankles huuuuuurt.  *pathetic*  We put in a reasonable time for the journey Northwards (3 hours 30 for 74km partly urban, partly undulating countryside [600m of climb in total]  and unsurprisingly a bit longer on the way back - 3 hours 50 for the reverse route).  I clocked up 7,200kcals for last week's exercise total and went over 650km so far on my new bike.  This week is taper week.  Today is a rest day.  I need it!


  1. I know what you mean, its very frustrating! I think on wordpress you get an email if they directly comment on one of your comments x

  2. I try to respond on people's blogs if they leave me a comment cause I'm the same I never remember to check back!

  3. Email notifications of comments are an option on all Blogger blogs. It's up to the blog owner to enable it. There's little you can do about this as a mere 'commentor'.

    I often forget I've commented on someone's blog. The only automatic notification of response seems to be on LJ.

  4. Yesbut... the notification goes only to the journal owner, not to the commenters on a given post. I have enabled comment notification on my own, of course, and I see those comments. It's when I comment on other people's that I need notification of a follow-up 'cause I'm a forgetful ditz.

  5. Ah - understood. LJ has the added value of being able to reply directly to a comment and therefore the notification system works (but only for registered LJ users), Facebook works like that too.