Friday 6 August 2010

Good new routine!

I really didn't like the last routine... too much isolation and relying on machines, though I did really like the ViPR stuff. Thankfully it was only a 3 week routine so not too long to be pissed off with it. Today was then New Routine day with my trainer; we usually run through 1 set of everything then do some intervals and knock off after 50 minutes or so in total. Today, my new routine only took 30 minutes to run through, so we had some fun after that... which involved some dynamic lunges with rows and knee raises and then some fun with 3x medicine balls.

Take 3x medicine balls. Balance on them such that no body parts touch the floor. This is best done with one ball under each hand and both feet on the 3rd, straight arms, straight back and legs. Now hold that position for 60 seconds. :o)

Oh, and then do pressups from there :oD  Like this...

God, that was fun! It even had a passing cleaner say "gosh, she's strong!" to my trainer, which had me grinning all over my face.  I managed 3 pressups before my feet fell off the back ball.

And here's the new routine; I said I didn't want any machines involved and I wanted a full body workout with lots of compound exercises:-
  • Warm up for 4-5 minutes
  • Deep squats - 3x10 -Olympic bar plus 2x5kg
  • SS1 Clean and press - 2x10 - Olympic bar
  • SS1 Press with knee-lift against Swiss Ball - 2x10 - bodyweight
  • SS2 Overhead squat - 2x10 - 8kg ViPR
  • SS2 Crunch with overhead lift - 2x10 - 8kg ViPR
  • Lunge and horizontal press - 2x10 - 8kg ViPR
  • Lunge with overhead swing - 2x10 - 10kg ViPR
  • Sprints on x-trainer - 6x30s with 60s recovery - L8-10 (180-200 speed)
  • Cool down and stretch
Love it!  Can't wait to get cracking with it on Monday!


    1. Holy crap that looks solid! You must indeed be very strong! x

    2. I still can't do pull/chin-ups though! Not even 1! My trainer says it must be technique that's lacking, but seriously, how is there anything complicated in pulling yerself up by the arms?

    3. Kat: It may well be wrist/finger strength lacking in pull-ups. A lot of people could do them but for feeling pain in the hands.

      I'm back on the weights/swimming routine/high protein. 3 weeks so far and I've not gained or lost weight but it's moving back to the right places very quickly :)