Saturday 19 February 2011

Delicious DOMS

I has them :o)

My cobbled together routine from my first real session with Geoff does the business:-
  • Warm up (500m on the rower at L7, aim for under 02:00)
  • Squats - 3x10
  • Kettlebells - Dual arm swings, 3x15
  • Kettlebells - Single arm swings, 3x10x2
  • Cable lat pulls - dual arms, 3x10
  • Cable push down rows - single arms, 3x10x2
  • Kettlebells - walking lunges, 3x12
  • Straight leg raises with twists - 3x20
  • Weighted plyometric squats - 3x8
  • Arnold presses - 3x10
 Shoulders, back and thighs are acheing really nicely from doing that on Wednesday and Friday.  I didn't want to go any earlier in the week due to being exhausted and more than a bit broken.  Gymming in that state would have been a very bad idea.

Amusingly or not, we went to bed at 2am after me being on a work call until 11.30pm and got woken up early by the bedroom being stiflingly hot.  I opened the windows a bit and turned off the radiator.  Then the shopping came.  Then I had to be on another call at 9.30am.  The short of it was that the thermostat button got stuck on "+" and was reading "30C", which explained the insane heat.  And then we had a nap at 3pm.

The chicken is roasting and the veggies are about to go on.  It all smells incredible in the kitchen and we're going to watch a film and I'm not doing any more work this weekend.

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