Thursday 10 February 2011

Tiring and long day coming up tomorrow

The busyness of work is reaching a localised peak this weekend.  Tomorrow, I'll be at work from 3pm to 6am the following morning.  This will thoroughly break my weekend, but I knew that would happen and I accept it as part of work that's been in-progress for the last 18 months.  What the huge peak this week has meant is that I've made it to the gym once so far (Tuesday) and run home from work (also on Tuesday).  However, I'm going to have quite a bit of fun cycling in to the office at around midday, then nipping to the gym at work, rather than at the morning peak and then back home again in the very early morning on Saturday.  OK, teeny tiny detail of 15 hours in the office in between.  And if things over-run, perhaps longer.

Still, it'll be very interesting to cycle well away from normal peak hours.

I just wish I was able to have a bit of fun with my new racing bike.  *cough*

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