Saturday 26 February 2011

Lower calorie chips - take 2

It's been a(n even) tough(er last) couple of weeks so trying new things in the kitchen has been a real low priority.  But today I've decided to have another go at making chips.

Peel and chip the potatoes to around 13mmx13mm cross-section.
Wash the chips thoroughly for 10 minutes in (preferably running) cold water.
Dry them thoroughly.

Pop them into the ActiFry with a drizzle of oil, set the timer and leave them to cook while I cook a couple of stunning looking rump steaks.  With some pumping chooons to drown out the fan noise ;o)

When the timer goes beep - take them out and lookee lookee, they're, well, a bit less soggy than last time.  

Serve with the steak, carrots and peas and enjoy.

Not sure why they're still not crispy, maybe it's the potato variety?  The steak was great though.

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