Tuesday 1 February 2011

I don't believe the saying

"If you fail to plan, you plan to fail".  It's just so black and white.  Hypocritical as all hell for me to say that as I'm usually hugely guilty of black and white thinking.  Yet, I utterly do not believe that saying.  I've proven it to myself pretty much all of last year that I can get by and even improve with little to no plan at all.  I have this forward schedule of races to look forward to throughout the year but I have no training plan as such.

Yes, I'll cycle to work and back a reasonable number of times and maybe at weekends if the opportunity arises.  Yes, I'll run a bit when the opportunity arises.   I'll avoid going for a swim if at all possible at the moment as I'm really just not loving the swimming still (despite it being My Sport in my childhood).  So I'll probably drag myself for a dunking a few times before the first sprint tri, but there's no actual plan.  I know I need to extend my runs a bit to have more confidence in completing the half marathon later on, but I also know that I could probably get through it right now if I really had to (dammit, I ran 14km with a rucksack on after a crappy day at work, I don't think another 6km would be a huge stretch, especially not having to dodge street furniture, traffic crossings and random other pedestrians dithering about).  I also know from last year's experience that my sprint tri times will almost certainly improve even on last year's times because I'm just a bit fitter than I was last year and more used to doing triathlons, especially the transition bit, even though I've only done 3 in total.

What won't happen is that I will come even close to top of my category ranking.  Not without some real dedication and proper training rather than playing at it.  But despite having no concrete and detailed plan, I'm not going to actually "fail".  I know I won't.  It's not over-confidence or conceit, it's based in (albeit limited) experience.

My god.  Perhaps I'm mellowing...  Or perhaps I've just not got anywhere near my limit yet.


  1. I'll swap you the pool for the running. Is that allowed? I'll swim your sprints or distance, just don't make me run. God, it's boring.

  2. I wish.

    Swimming is deathly boring, at least with running outside (treadmills are Satan's hamster-wheels) there's variety and danger of death or extreme fury. But yeah, running's pretty boring too. Just not quite as bad.

  3. It's really refreshing to read a post about just having a bit of fun with training and doing "alright". As if completing tris and half maras isn't an achievement in itself! I think it's easy to get sucked up into the world of pbs and ever increasing goals. Good to be reminded that sometimes, it's alright just to wing it and--uh--enjoy ourselves!

  4. I agree, black and white thinking is not good. Even Yoda says so ;P
    I have seen me grab a packet of oatcakes and a tin of mackerel and have myself a healthy lunch.
    Have also seen me having to grab a birthday card instead of a trip to the gym. I'm not a failure for that. Totally agree. I do feel focussed if I plan tho.

  5. Alison: I think I'm putting it down to starting to come to terms with the fact that I'm going to turn 40 next year and there are plenty enough things in life to get stressed over and I'd rather just enjoy some things.

  6. FatToLean: Wise things does Yoda say. But yes, there's a nice feeling when there're a certain level of focus and sometimes is's the right thing for sure, for me.