Wednesday 13 April 2011

Bio Synergy 'Fitness Water'

I got some of this from the Women's Running Magazine stand at The Vitality Show last month and shoved it in the fridge.  Forgot about it for a bit while I was crashed and injured and in a general medicated and not exercising stage.  I don't think I really ever intended to drink it.

Today I did a short run for the last 6km of my journey home which, by the way ,has shown up that my knee is really not right at the moment and now I'm really worried about the first sprint tri on Easter Monday.  When I got home I wanted something to drink as I'd sweated out quite a bit and was all salty, but I didn't want the usual either protein shake or orange and mango squash made up with fizzy water.  So out came the 'Fitness Water'.  It's 5kcal for 500ml and has a few added vitamins (D3) and minerals (calcium and zinc) and other chemicals (L-Carnitine).  It's supposed to help burn fat more efficiently and boost your immune system, and all with a citrussy flavour.

Well.  Yes.  It is a bit citrus-flavoured but, to me, it also has hint of a bleachy flavour.  Basically, bleh!  It might be all scientifically this and that (um, maybe it is and maybe it isn't but at the end of the day all these people are out to do is make money, so... *cynic*) but it tastes like arse.

I, for one, will not be buying any.

Unless someone comes up with a stunning trial that proves it's the bee's knees and will get me through an Ironman by its power alone or something.

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  1. Greengrocer's apostrophe, last line. Oh, and I'd suspect anything that claimed to "burn fat more efficiently" was a loada bollocks, because.. well, that ain't how it works, right?