Friday 1 April 2011

Vitality Show giveaway #1 - weight loss bundle

I got a lot of stuff at the Vitality Show and I'd like to share some of the love as some of it was absolutely free and I know some people wanted to go to the show and couldn't.  So, I've bundled up a few packages of goodies to give away and here's bundle number 1 - the 'weight loss' bundle:-

  • The 'Calorie, Carb, Fat Bible 2011'
  • KitKat Caramel snack sample
  • Alpen Light snack sample
  • Raisin Oats sample
  • Oaty Bakes 'caramelised onion' snack sample
  • Tropical Wholefoods flyer
  • Half Spoon sample
 If you want to be entered into a draw to win this goody bundle, all you have to do is comment on this post, saying why you'd like a copy of the 'Calorie, Carb, Fat Bible 2011' by 10pm (BST) on Friday 8th April.  I'll draw a winner over that weekend and the winner will need to send me their postal address so I can post off the bundle.


  1. Since living with my partner I've put on 2 stone!! I think we'd BOTH be delighted if I won the 'Calorie, Carb, Fat Bible 2011'

  2. Does it give protein information (and portion sizes for branded foods) as well as cals/carbs/fat? If so I'd find it useful!

  3. LNR: absolutely - it has full info (kcals, protein, fat, carbs and fibre) on a huge number of foods, branded foods etc.

  4. Great giveaway! I am trying to drop a couple of dress sizes by summer as, since moving in with my other half I have taken to eating man-sized, carb-laden meals! The Calorie, Carb, Fat Bible would be ideal for me to sort out my bad habits and get back to my best by educating me on the correct foods (and portion sizes!) to eat to be healthy :)

  5. What an amazing give-away! I would lovveee this book! I'm contemplating moving away from Slimming World, and tracking cals fat carbs and protein instead, and so this would be perfect!