Thursday 31 March 2011

Contrasts #1 - Police vs. British Triathlon

Given that I (in my in-shock and adrenaline-fuelled state) refused an ambulance, the Police didn't attend the scene of my accident yesterday.  In hindsight, on two counts, that was Bad.  Bad because it -was- a serious accident - I'd been hit by and went over the bonnet of a car, dammit - and Bad because the Police weren't notified like they're supposed to be.  This also means I didn't get the driver's details.  So, I called the Police information line and was told to go to my local station to fill in the paperwork.  The Police at the local station pretty much told me not to bother filling in the forms as it most likely won't get followed up without the details of the driver, though as there is CCTV coverage of most of that road there's a slim chance something might come of it.  The impression I got there was "if someone bothers to look through the footage".  I did fill in the form and I did hand it in.  Let's see what happens there.

Our renewed membership British Triathlon (BTF) packs came in the post today and I was flicking through the handbook which reminded me that I -am- insured on training rides (which every single trip into town and back again -is- for me) and that I should report the accident to them.  So I gave them a call.  And the nice guy on the phone took all of my details and said I'd get forms in the post from the insurance company within 24 hours.  He wasn't fazed at all by the lack of driver details.  While I was out going to the GP later in the day (about an hour later) I got a call from the BTF solicitors for a chat through the details of the accident.  As I was just heading in to the surgery I asked them to call back in half an hour.  When I got home a couple of hours later, no call.  But then, my phone had been being rubbish; not letting me send (or receive it turns out) SMSs and it turns out not receive calls either.  An hour after I got home, I got two voicemails - one not for me and one from the solicitor calling  back exactly 35 minutes after the original call - and an SMS.

So.  Score two for BTF and zero for the Police so far.  BTF gave a crap, the Police didn't.  BTF bothered to talk to me, sounded like they cared, called me back and progressed my call.  The Police didn't.  I know the Police see a lot worse than the accident I had, but they didn't even bother to find out how bad it was or wasn't and made me feel like my situation was trivial, unimportant and wouldn't actually be attended to.

By the way, the GP was absolutely great, really sympathetic and nice and prescribed me some better painkillers and some muscle relaxants to help my neck and shoulders recover better.  And advised me to continue with the ice/heat treatment, relax and take it easy and chill out with pizza, wine and a film on the sofa.

Next up; Boots vs. Superdrug for First Aid supplies.  Which do you think would be better?


  1. Superdrug. Odds are you'll get exactly the same things at 2/3rds the price. Or at least something with the same ingredients, just a different name on the packaging.

  2. It sounds a really horrible RTC for you and hope you are okay.
    The police should of been called at the time tho, and then everything should of been spot on, so its an unfair v's.

  3. oh mate, I'm only just catching up with the trauma, I'm so sorry to hear what's happened :(

    and I'm truly sorry for the shoddy way that you were treated by the police - I work for the police and, at one time, worked on the front desk and I can honestly say that had you been stood in front of me I wouldn't have told you that load of twaddle.

    I believe there are ALWAYS lines of enquiry that can be pursued - especially where CCTV is concerned.

    hope you're not too battered and bruised xx

  4. I'm pretty sure I was just unlucky with the local Police here... I think they're all just a bit jaded about the youth crime and general rubbish that goes on. I know it's a tough job and they get a -lot- of crap. No comfort for me though :o/

    I really really hope there is something on CCTV, if only to see what actually happened. It's all a bit hazy from the moment the car hit me to the moment I hit the ground - i.e. I have no idea what happened in those couple of seconds other than I ended up on the other side of the car on the ground. I want to understand which bits of me hit what and which bits of the bike hit what.