Tuesday 1 March 2011

Mrs Crimbles Choc Orange Macaroons

NOM!  I just got given a pack of orange macaroons to try and they are absolutely gorgeous!  As you know, I'm not really one for the sweet foods that much, never really been that fussed about cakes and biscuits but do indulge on occasion with home-made carrot cake, apple cider pound cake and fruity malt loaf so it's a very rare occasion that we have this sort of thing in the house.

They're marketed in the "free from" aisle in the supermarket, being free from wheat in this case.  And to be honest it really doesn't matter that there's no wheat in them, they're really really nice.  Opening up the packet and you're greeted with a waft of orange zest smell with a hint of coconut.  Biting into one and it's moist, light, coconutty and orangey; exactly what you'd want from an orange macaroon.  The only problem is that you can't have just one or two... but at 81kcals a pop, they're not all that bad.  I'll be more than tempted to buy a pack next time I'm in the Sainsburys Local down the road that has quite a few Mrs Crimbles products in there at the moment (it's all very middle class and the aisle ends are usually full of Food Doctor and speciality/ethnic foods rather than sweets, batteries etc.).  Probably after the next sprint tri :o)


  1. I believe that there are also some form of home made energy bar being produced in the kitchens of Kate & Norm towers to which the word "sweet" should be applied? :-)

  2. Ohhh yes. We has piles of "KateBars" :oD