Saturday 12 March 2011

GREAT workout - RAAAAAAR!!*^£%@!*!YSF(*!!

Geoff did it again and I feel fabulous!
  • Stretches and warm-up on the TRX
  • 10 x3 narrow, under-hand grip pull-ups (with resistance band) - superset
  • 10 x3 wider, over-hand grip pull-ups (with resistance band) - superset
  • 10 x3, deep, nose-to-floor press-ups (had to do these on my knees 'cause I'm a girly wuss!) using "Perfect Pushup" handles which are wobbly and horrible to use
  • 2x attempted rollouts with a rollout wheel wheel (fail due to back pain)
  • 15s x3 with 15s rest in between, high-knee sprints against a harness
  • 10 x3 jumping squats against a harness
  • 10 x3 bear crawls against a harness
  • 10 x3 x2 Bulgarian bag rotating swings - superset
  • 20 x3 Single-arm kettlebell swings (alternating arms - 16kg kettlebell) - superset
  • 10 x3 Kettlebell squats (2x16kg kettlebells) 
  • 10 x3 x2 kettlebell rows in the plank position (8kg 12kg 12kg)
  • 4x kettlebell crawls (8kg 12kg 12kg 12kg - 3 forwards, 1 backwards)
  • stretching and complaining
 Apart from feeling pretty down about the rubbish pressups (I knew mine weren't anywhere deep enough before, but it's another thing being faced with the reality of it) it was a good workout and I utterly loved the bear and kettlebell crawls.  My Bulgarian bag swings are -much- better than they were first time, but I still can't get my hips in to it.  I think it'd be easier if I went a bit heavier.


  1. Wow, that workout sounds immense! Well done :D

  2. Thanks Jo :o) I knew it was a good one, but I didn't realise it for sure until I wrote it all down. Hyuuuuuuge!

  3. Nose to floor pressups are HARD! When I do full pressups I can only go to just below parallel if I want to get back up! Great workout. I bet you'll be sore today!

  4. Holy-moly, thats one heck of a workout & if I do full press-ups my nose aint getting close to the floor unless I intend to kiss it :-)