Tuesday 22 March 2011

My trainer is an actual star!

I finally got around to looking up my personal trainer on the Internets... and it turns out that he's ranked world #2 for 400m in the 50-59 category.  I mean, I knew he was good, but... cor!

And he's utterly utterly ripped...

So, what better inspiration on a day where I'm eating a ton of Ibuprofen, using ice-packs and keeping off my legs, to sign up for ANOTHER RACE!  Hah!

Yes, I just signed up for Run To The Beat which falls right at the end of the race calendar.  A half marathon, sponsored by Nike, with loads of music...


  1. My God look at that quad and shoulder definition! And he barely looks like he's trying next to that guy behind him!!

    Exciting news about Run for the Beat. It's something I've been thinking about, but I still don't know where I am with my injury / focus etc.

    Hope your knee is ok!

  2. Alison: I know! And he's 59 in a few weeks time! And he's a -current- world record holder for 4x100 relay in his masters category (the team set the current record in 2007)!

    It'd be great if you are in a place to do Run To The Beat, but I know what you mean about injury and focus - tricksy things! (my knee has been up on the sofa pretty much all day today with an ice-pack on and off, 3rd dose of ibuprofen coming up)

  3. Cosmic: incredible isn't it? He looks like one of those anatomy diagrams that shows where all the muscles are.