Wednesday 30 March 2011

Not very articulate at the moment

I've added a little diagram to try to explain the picture a bit better.  Thing is, the cycle lane on the A24 is almost as wide as a bus lane at that point and cyclists get to go at a fair old whack on it while there's nothing parked in it. As in, it's totally normal to be travelling at 20+kph on that bit of road and not stop at every single side road to check if anyone wants to turn in to it.

It shouldn't be that a cyclist travelling on a main road has to behave differently from other traffic; we shouldn't have to stop at or slow right down at each side road that joins in case someone turns into or out of it onto the main road.  Bicycles are road traffic.  Bicycles have the same rights and the same rules as cars on the road.  It makes me angry when I see cyclists going through red traffic lights because it erodes the cause that all road users have to be treated equally and obey the rules equally.  It makes me angry when motorised vehicle road users think that bicycles (and horses in some cases) have no right to be on the road, should get out of the way of everything else and give way to everyone else and should never be anywhere other than in the gutter.

Right now, I'm too tired to be properly angry.  I need to rest up, treat my neck, shoulders and knees properly and wait to see how my bike is.

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