Thursday 24 March 2011

Recovery seems to be going well

Five portions of fruit and veg (well, OK, fruit) already today, and all before 09:30!  (fruit compote on my yoghurt this morning, then two plums, a pear and a banana after cycling in)

Two days of almost complete rest, lots of ice and Ibuprofen and  my knee seems to be doing really very well.  So, rather than commute by tube (and consequently end up running up and down escalators 'cause I'm crap at standing still on them) I got on my bike to work this morning.  Veeeeery nice ride, apart from the extra new potholes that have appeared in the last week and the two cycle route closures meant I had to get off and walk a couple of times too, but it wasn't so bad overall.  My knee is feeling pretty good now, but I'll stay off the running for a while still and carry on with the Ibuprofen at least for today.

And it is a gorgeous day and I'm off to The Vitality Show later except I forgot my camera this morning, so I may have to resort to using my old iPhone camera...

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  1. Good news on the knee :) And great weather for cycling at the mo